Friday, November 29, 2013

‘Tis the Season for Charitable Giving

The holidays tend to bring out the best in all of us.  Perhaps it is our small size or our sense of community, but the generosity of Rhode Islanders in helping out those they know and those they don’t is something we can be proud of. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thanksgiving memories

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate all we are thankful for and every year I am thankful for the memories of Thanksgiving itself.  Growing up, we would alternate our celebrations between Pawtucket and Wakefield with lifelong friends of my parents who also had four children.  Being the youngest of everyone, I was always relegated to the “kids’ table,” which is probably where I developed the habit of eating so quickly.  Regardless, the smell of fresh turkey with all the fixings, watching the Macy’s parade and football games and playing outside whether it was snowing or clear are all memories that seem as fresh as if  they just occurred yesterday.

I am sure these Thanksgiving memories are similar to many others.  Unfortunately today these memories are being replaced by commercialism, overload and a mad dash to be the first in line at midnight, sometimes earlier, at the local superstore to get deeply discounted prices on electronics and hot ticket items.  In some ways, gut-busting Thanksgiving meals have been replaced with door-busting midnight deals.  It seems there is a push to move people toward Christmas without actually celebrating Thanksgiving.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Law Takes Effect September 13th

This year the General Assembly passed and the Governor signed into law legislation authored by our office which requires that before initiating a foreclosure, a mortgage lender must offer the owner-occupant of a 1-4 unit residential property a formal process to determine whether foreclosure can be avoided.

This new law which will ensure that every Rhode Island homeowner who is having trouble making their mortgage payments has the opportunity to communicate directly with their lender to try and find a solution that will help them get back on track with their mortgage and remain in their home. It is also an important tool to help direct homeowners to the resources they need early enough in the foreclosure process to make a difference. I am confident that it will result in fewer foreclosures, which is great news for homeowners, lenders and municipalities.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New School Year, New Dangers

It’s back to school time for kids.  That means new clothes, new school supplies, new friends, and unfortunately, new dangers for young students.  Now more than ever, students are using the Internet as part of their studies in school and at home.  Whether it is a smart phone, desktop computer, tablet or even gaming device, young people are accessing the Internet continually throughout their day.  And, for every second they are surfing the web, there are dangers lurking.
The Internet offers many opportunities for young people. It is a gateway to exciting new opportunities and allows young people to expand their horizons far beyond their neighborhood. But, it can also be a place of danger. That is why we need to ensure the Internet is a safe and secure environment for our young people. Just as we teach our children to not talk to strangers, be aware of dangers in our community, and what to do if someone bullies them in person, we must address those dangers online.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Successful Investigation and Prosecution of Human Trafficking

This week, Attorney General Peter Kilmartin was joined by the United States Attorney’s Office, Homeland Security Investigations and the U.S. Department of Labor to provide local and state law enforcement training in the investigation and prosecution of human trafficking. 

Held at Amica, more than 40 local, state and federal law enforcement officials attended the training where prosecutors from the Office of Attorney General and the United States Attorney’s Office reviewed the current state and federal human trafficking statutes, and ICE and the US Department of Labor shared investigative tactics to identify and successfully investigate potential cases of human trafficking. In addition, a senior Massachusetts prosecutor detailed the complexities of prosecuting human trafficking cases.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Consul General Shai Bazak Testifies at State House for Iran Divestiture Legislation

Consul General Shai Bazak, Consul General of Israel to New England recently testified before the Rhode Island Senate Committee on Finance in support of Attorney General Peter Kilmartin’s legislation to divest any and all state pension funds from companies that directly or indirectly do business and prohibit the state to enter into any contracts with companies doing business with Iran. 

Speaking to the Committee, Consul General Bazak noted the importance of the legislation to the security of the United States and to Israel.

Counsul General Bazak and AG Kilmartin